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Boats and Boating

As long as I can remember I have been on the water or off the water working on a boat.  click to view

A few years ago I decided that I was old enough to own a go fast boat and bought a Baha with a 200hp outboard. It is plenty fast, I've never found out exactly how fast.
Baha boat

Fall of 2020 - Covid slowed the boat hunt.  September I got one.

Spring 2012 I decided I should get a bigger boat,eventually finding one I liked in Port Clinton, Ohio. At the time, July 2012,  it seemed like a good idea to drive it back to Ithaca , the length of Lake Erie and half the Erie Canal, . A lot was learned. For instance a bit about what the Great in Great Lakes is about.
Port Clinton to Ithaca

At the end of  the summer the Sea Ray had to find a place to stay for the winter. It went to a boat yard in Geneva, NY. Which is at the end of Seneca Lake. 
Marina to Seneca Lake